Everything you need to know about International Coastal Cleanup Day this September

There is a staggering 165 million tonnes of plastic in our seas. Plastic has been found in 62% of all sea birds and 100% of all sea turtle species. A healthy ocean is essential to their survival as well as the sustainability of our planet.

This year International Coastal Cleanup Day falls on Saturday 16 September. So far nearly 12 million people worldwide have joined the effort to clean our beaches, with the Great British Beach Clean taking place across the whole of the weekend in the UK.

Here are five easy ways to get involved in International Coastal Cleanup Day, even if you’re nowhere near the water…


A Bicbim favourite, ECOALF make their collections of footwear and outerwear from discarded nets and water bottles fished from the ocean.  But this doesn’t mean you’re wearing rubbish because their minimal modern designs are stylish and cool..

The ECOALF FOUNDATION work with fishermen around the world, explaining the impact of plastic waste in the seas. This brings them on board with their mission to help collect the waste to upcycle, or simply to reuse nets.

Find out more about ECOALF



Weekday bulldozed their way into our hearts with their sexy sports-inspired swimwear and cemented our love with their material of choice: recycled water bottles. To be fair, their attractive pricing didn’t hurt either…

Find out more about WEEKDAY


3. PELA cases

Pela Cases have created a compostable, PET alternative phone case. They’ve also partnered with organisation Save The Waves to design a case for which every purchase donates $5 to local communities to protect coastal ecosystems.

Based in Canada they offer free international shipping to spread the message of coastal clean-up. And if that doesn’t convince you maybe the hundreds of positive reviews will…

Check out the Save the Waves collection here


4. Surfers Against Sewage

Supported by another BICBIM favourite, the eco-athletic clothing brand Sundried, Surfers Against Sewage encourages UK beach goers to clean up their local beaches throughout the year.

Almost 20,000 people have got involved in cleaning up the coastlines this year alone.

Search your location to see what your neighbours are doing to help



Straw Wars asks bars and restaurants around the world to get rid of their straws completely or only serve them on request by the customer, thus saving millions of straws ending up in landfills or the ocean.

They have a helpful map on their website where you can see what businesses take part. Sometimes the smallest actions can have the biggest impact…

Straw Wars are not the only ones doing this, find out more about why this is so important to sea turtles here


Find more ethical fashion brands here…

Words: Gabrielle Kynoch

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