Independent: unmasking the truth behind the chicken industry

The beginning of June brings with it Open Farm Sunday, which paints a reassuring picture of the food industry: families can see pigs wallowing happily in the mud, chickens scratching on the range and cows and sheep grazing in the fields across the UK.

However, this unfortunately is not the reality for 70 per cent of the 75 billion animals farmed worldwide each year. Open Farm Sunday, sponsored by some of the UK’s biggest supermarkets, doesn’t open its doors to the millions of caged chickens, the pigs trapped in farrowing crates and the cows being intensively milked right here in Britain.

Ironically, our favourite meat, chicken, arguably gets the rawest deal.

In the UK alone, we now eat more than a staggering 900 million chickens each year. Even more shockingly, less than 10 per cent of chickens are produced in what are considered to be ‘higher welfare’ conditions…

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