Evening Standard exclusive: watch the new Fairtrade Fortnight advert – and its very clever twist

The new advert for Fairtrade Fortnight starts with a scene Londoners see every day – promotional street sellers asking people to sign up to a new fruit and veg box scheme.

The filming then switches to a recognisable scene from TV, exhausted and struggling children, forced to work to help feed their families for low wages.

However, these impoverished kids are not in Africa. They are on the well-heeled streets of London, in the back of a charming sounding ‘Farley & Bell’ van, working to deliver people’s fresh but cheap fruit and veg.

The advert asks, “Would you still love a bargain if we brought these problems closer to home?”

It’s a clever twist on an all-too familiar supply-chain tale that many of us feel we have no control over…


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