Because it’s cool:

Davenport have been making wine since 1991 and their mission is to make organic wine that’s all about originality and depth of flavour. Working in tune with nature to achieve this goal is owner Will Davenport, who planted the vineyard and also works in the winery. His mission is to make as many of the wines as natural as possible by not adding commercial yeast and keeping sulphites as low. All the vines are caned and pruned and grown to Soil Association standards, and are also vegan and vegetarian.

Davenport began with just five acres, and now spreads across 24, with nine grape varieties in varying soils and climates. The whole vineyard was converted to organic in 2000, which at the time was a huge risk, and pretty forward thinking.

Because it matters:

No chemicals are used on the vineyard and, instead, weeds are controlled by mowing and cultivation. The soil is fertilised with animal manure and compost and feed for the vines is made from nettles.

Across the whole process, Davenport tries to use as little energy as possible, most of which is generated by solar panels on the vineyard. This creates enough energy to run the vineyard for more than a year. But it’s eco credentials don’t stop there. Bottles are made from lightweight glass and use natural cork, and even the packaging in considered in their carbon footprint, which is made from recycled materials and is also fully recyclable.

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