Because it’s cool:

This family-run Sussex vineyard was planted as recently as 2009. Owner Nick Wenman gives a modern spin to classic grape varieties by using environmentally friendly methods.

Albury Organic Vineyard is one of the few vineyards in the country to be managed by a woman, Alex Valsecchi. But that’s not all that’s different here. She makes sure she checks the vines every day herself, unlike larger scale vineyards, looking for any signs of disease across the 12 acres.

Albury is a small scale vineyard and produces around 20,000 bottles a year. It’s best known for its sparkling wines, which are produced in the same way as champagne, and its rosé which sells out within a few months each year.

Because it matters:

Albury is the only vineyard in the UK to follow biodynamic principles. This goes a step beyond organic certification, and is all about keeping the soil fertile. To do this, no chemicals like pesticides or herbicides are used, and instead the team are dedicated to increasing biodiversity.

Every year, the team creates its own hand-crushed Pied de Cuve, a natural yeast that replaces sulphur to ferment the grapes. And every winter, cow horns filled with manure are buried on the vineyards. Then come spring they are dug up and the manure is sprayed on the soil, which improves its fertility.

This biodynamic method creates better quality fruit and, of course, wine that has a unique taste and terroir that will only come from the Sussex Downs.

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