Union Coffee
Because it’s Cool:

Union Coffee is in the top 2% of coffee in the world when it comes to quality (every single one of their coffees is scored 84 and above on the Specialty Coffee Association’s coffee quality scale).

They offer more than 20-different types of coffee, sourced from eight different countries from Brazil, to Indonesia and Rwanda. They offer whole beans plus filter, espresso or cafetière grinds. You can buy their blends in shops and will see it in cafés, but when you buy direct from Union they hand-roasted your coffee to order in east London, meaning it arrives incredibly fresh.

For the Union team creating the perfect coffee is both a science and an art; they work with their producers to ensure they are starting with top quality coffee beans and then they hand-roast each batch taking into account everything from where it originated to the local weather conditions and temperature at the roastery – as well as using their experience and intuition.

Because it Matters:

Union coffee is founded on their principle of Union Direct Trade, which goes beyond paying a fair price.

The founders work with farmers to improve the quality of the coffee. They then only ever buy up to 50% of the yield and help the farmers to expand their network of buyers across the world, so that they are never reliant on one company for their livelihood.

They even care about the animals used in the supply chain, such as donkeys used to carry the beans, and encourage their producers to look after them properly.

Union founders, Stephen and Jeremy, say it’s about ‘trade, not aid’. Receiving sustainable prices for coffee lets farmers build viable livelihoods and have control over investments and development in their communities.