Seed and Bean chocolate

Because it’s Cool

‘Chocolate with a wild side’ is the strapline for Seed and Bean, and they more than live up to their reputation.

With 23 chocolates in their range, Seed and Bean offer an incredible collection of flavours: from a traditional plain Dark Chocolate to a bar that’s infused with Chilli and Lime, from a Sicilian Hazelnut to a Lemon and Poppyseed White Chocolate – to name just a few.

Whether you only eat vegan, organic, Fairtrade or Kosher – Seed and Bean will tickle your taste buds and satisfy your demands.

Because it Matters

Since their creation in 2005, Seed and Bean have been ticking all the right boxes.

Their chocolate is 100% organic and Fairtrade – with cocoa sourced from the Dominican Republic, Ecuador and the Sao Tome Islands of West Africa.

The chocolate is made in the UK. It’s packaged with compostable foil and NatureFlex™ 0 a flexible cellulose film manufactured from renewable eucalyptus wood pulp.

Did you know? This is the UK’s only fully recyclable chocolate bar.