Because it’s Cool:

The brand Karma Cola is a great tasting cola product, with a twist: it actually contains the kola nut (which, is actually a a seed from a kola plant) unlike the artificial syruppy imitations of similar names.

More specifically, Karma Cola derives from a cola nut grown by the Mende and Temne people of Sierra Leone.

Karma Cola mixes this produce with a range of other authentic organic ingredients: lemon, sugar, vanilla, nutmeg, coriander, cinnamon barley and fruity organic oils – sourced from Fairtrade farmers.

They’ve taken this brilliant ethos and have expanded their range of drinks to other refreshing beverages including Lemony Lemonade, Summer Orangeade, and Gingerella Ginger Ale.

Because it Matters:

Karma Cola’s mantra is ‘drink no evil’.

The Karma Cola Foundation started with a few bottles in 2010, made using a bag of cola nuts from Sierra Leone.

The Foundation’s aim is to ensure the cola farmers who originally discovered this magnificent nut are not exploited and can trade on fair terms.

With economic independence, the eight Tiwai Communities supported by the foundation have provided scholarships for young children; supported severals schools, as well as set up an adult literacy programme; funded healthcare initiatives; built meeting and rental properties; rehabilitated rainforest farms; and have developed a seed bank for future seasons.

Did you know? 

Over a million colas are drunk every minute of the day. Why not take this opportunity to get some good Karma?