Because it’s Cool:

The Rare Tea Company are revolutionising the way we drink tea. They  are true connoisseurs, sourcing for quality and bringing some of the world’s best tea to London before shipping it to your door.

They also create exclusive, bespoke blends for chefs that you can same at their restaurants, including the HIX group, Fergus Henderson’s St John restaurants and Angela Hartnett’s Murano.

Founder Henrietta Lovell says: “Where once we had only had granules we now have fragrant coffee beans. Beside malt vinegar in cupboards across the country there is wine, cider, sherry and aged balsamic. Where there was only vegetable oil the nation has embraced olive, sesame and groundnut… Now it’s tea’s time.”

Because it Matters:

The Rare Tea Company do not just provide rare and exceptionally tasting teas. Their whole approach to business is very unique in the tea industry, which is notoriously exploitative.

Firstly, they source their tea leaves directly from farmers. This means that the farmer – and not some middle man – gets the money for the crop they have cultivated and picked. Plus, farmers are paid significantly above market price, which helps them to  live, work and thrive.

Pretty much all their farmers are organic or biodynamic, but hardly any are certified because certification is too expensive for most of them. The Rare Tea Company ask you to trust them on this point.