Oddbox veg

What it is: Delicious but wonky fruit and veg delivery service
Where it delivers to: Most of London, although deliveries can happen overnight so you need somewhere safe for the veg to sit
Starting price: Small veg boxes from £8.99 per box

Because It’s Cool:

There’s nothing uncool about a service that delivers super fresh, super delicious fruit and veg direct to your door, so there’s not much we need to tell you about there. Oddbox is veg-only, so good for vegetarians or if you’re reducing the amount of meat you’re eating (that said, we’ve listed our favourite meat and veg box services here).

The service offers everything from a large fruit and veg box (serving a family of four or five for around four meals for £17.25) to a bijou veg box (serving one person or a couple for up to four meals for £8.99). In your parcel of joy you’ll get several varieties of fruit and veg, depending on your order, and they’re all locally sourced and seasonal. What’s not to love?

Because It Matters:

The clue is in the name: Oddbox specialises in the oddly shaped veg that doesn’t make it to supermarket shelves, saving it from going to waste. Given that a whopping ⅓ of all our produce gets binned before it even gets to our fridges, we’re sold already.

Oddbox rescues wonky produce directly from UK farms to fight food waste at the source. They occasionally supplement this with imported produce that’s often a by-product of veg packed for UK supermarkets, or bringing in items direct to allow a farmer to get a return for his entire crop.

Right now Oddbox doesn’t offer a fully organic box, although this is something they’re working towards. That said, some of the growers are organic are spray-free. Your fruit and veg arrives plastic-free, and they work with City Harvest to give produce to local food banks. 10% of Oddbox’s produce goes to charity to help those who need it. Sounds like they’re ticking all the right boxes… Geddit?


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