Because it’s Cool:

From beautiful £80 indigo organic cotton throws to designer hand-woven rugs worth upwards of £5,000, ISHKAR products first and foremost celebrate traditional craftmanship and combine it with modern design.

Their collection includes hand-blown glass tumblers, hand-thrown and glazed ceramic bowls and beautiful knives with handles made from Afghan black walnut that are all made in war-torn Afghanistan.

The homeware that is only truly unique, but also has an incredible story to tell.

Because it Matters:

The story is this. All items featured on ISHKAR are made by craftsmen in war zones who have been cut off from the international market.

They provide fair wages to help craftsmen grow their businesses despite challenging economic environments – and enable craft to survive for future generations.

The majority of ISHKAR’s products are purchased through local NGOs, so money is recycled back into development projects.

Crucially, these products reveal a different story to the one we hear so regularly in the media. Each item is a celebration of a landscape filled with history and character and wonderfully talented people determined to thrive even with the odds stacked against them.