Because it’s Cool:

There’s nothing quite like slipping into crisp, fresh bedsheets – and bedsheets don’t come much fresher than those provided by Green Fibres.

They also offer organic mattresses and a whole array of natural pillows. Plus they provide towels, bathrobes, underwear – and they partner with beauty and cleaning brands with similar ethics to offer a range of products you need in the home.

Green Fibres website is functional and they sell through Amazon, but to get a real sense of who they are – and the beauty as well as functionality of their products – you really need to visit their shop in Totnes, Devon.

Once you get the textiles and beauty products home, you will appreciate how much healthier they are for your skin and be able to tell they have been made with genuine care and consideration.

Because it Matters:

Green fibres are so dedicated to sustainability they do not stock bamboo products as they are yet to discover a process to turn bamboo into material that is eco-friendly enough for their standards.

Their goal is two fold. Firstly, to provide beautiful and useful textile products that are kind to the environment and to our health and well-being; and secondly, to provide meaningful livelihoods for all people who work with, and in, Greenfibres.

Green Fibres use textiles that are predominantly organic and all materials undergo minimal treatment and processing.

They demand high-welfare for the animals who supply the raw materials for the products. They care that the farmers and the cotton pickers work in a safe environment and get paid a fair wage. They ensure the textile workers assemble their garments in good working conditions and for decent pay.