Because it’s Cool

The clue is in the name: Toast Ale.

Brewed in Yorkshire, this start-up company produces, you guessed it – ale, using fresh surplus bread.

The ingredients? Bread, hops, yeast and water. Simple. Easy. Tasty.

Toast Ale currently creates a pale ale, an IPA, a Lager – and they’re all vegan.

Because it Matters 

Toast Ale is not only about producing a good drink. They support the Real Bread Campaign which tackles the overproduction of bread.

Their beer is brewed using unsold loaves from bakeries. Toast Ale also take the unused crusts from sandwich factories – which is a staggering 17% of a whole loaf and a lot of unnecessary wastage. Because, a pre-packed sandwich never uses the end slices, but now, it is being put to a[le] good use.

Toast Ale is concerned about more than just the drinks they produce and the reusable kegs they transport their draught beer in: they pledge to give their first forecasted profits in 2019 to charity Feedback, which aims to halve food waste by 2020.

With consumer support, Toast Ale forecast a £3.6 million donation by 2020 – so let’s get drinking (responsibly).

Toast Ale can also be found on tap and on shelves across the globe from New York City to South Africa. South Africa uses 100% of profits generated to empower vulnerable South Africans with skills that enable them to support their community.

Did you know?

In the UK, bread is top of the list of our most wasted household food items. Around 24 million slices every day go uneaten – enough to lift over 26 million people out of hunger.