Because it’s cool: FAIR. is the modern-day premium spirit of choice. Founded in 2009 they may be considered a newcomer in the world of spirits, but they are already making a big impression thanks to their unique ingredients sourced from all over the globe and distilled in France’s world-renowned cognac region.

Their silky and delicate Vodka, for example, could practically be labelled a superfood as it is made from organic quinoa seeds sourced from the 3000m high Altiplano plateau.

Because it matters: FAIR.’s whole range was created with one goal in mind – to ensure the people producing ingredients for spirits get paid a fair wage.

As such, all their spirits do exactly what they say on the label – source top-quality ingredients ethically by paying Fairtrade prices to the farmers (on average 15% higher than the market price).

They also pay 2.5% of their revenue (not just profit) to the Fairtrade Foundation to help finance audits and contribute towards the wider goals of the organisation.