Because it’s Cool: 

Primal Meat boxes are ideal for people following diets based on ancestral wisdom. This is because they are as close as possible to meats from the wild. You can genuinely taste the grass in the steaks.

If you subscribe to this hamper you not only get seasonal favourites and discounted specials but also the chance to be a guinea pig new products free of charge.

Meat boxes start from £30. An example monthly surprise meat box for £50 includes: lamb shoulder, 1kg+ 2 x 350g beef mince, 350g beef shin, 2 x 250g lamb chops, 500g pork sausages, 250g beefburgers, 500g chicken thighs, 350g pork strips.

Because it Matters: 

Primal Meats promote an eco-omnivore diet – they are all about 100% grass fed and regenerative farming. This balances the social, economic and ecological needs of farms and land managers. 

They are ideal for people who care about animal welfare (they’re Pasture For Life certified) because the animals are native breeds that are largely left to live as nature intended.

This, in turn, leads to increased biodiversity because other wildlife, left to its own devices, can thrive.

When it comes to nutrition, this is some of the healthiest meat on offer as the animals are eating the most naturally nutritious diet and are not pumped with antibiotics and other medicines.