Because it’s Cool: 

Philip Warren describe themselves as professional butchers who farm. Their strapline is “meat as nature intended” because they know this creates healthier meat as well as the best taste and textures.

Their large butchery and shop is found in Launceston, Cornwall, and they have a loyal local following. But they also breed animals to order for top chefs across the country – and have a significant waiting list of chefs wanting to be on that list.

For those that live further afield, they will deliver straight to your door for £9.99 or for free if you order over £100 worth of meat.

Because it Matters: 

In the summer of 2018 Warren took us on a tour of his farm and some of the farmers to see the range of what they do. The cattle are all native breeds, raised in family groups and grass-fed.

The milder weather in Cornwall compared to other parts of the UK means the grazing season starts as early as March and can go right through to November.

When it comes to pricing, Philip Warren’s butchers are very competitive. Warren says he knows he could charge more of a premium, but he takes pride in knowing that everyone in the community can buy meat from his store.

He also left us with his staff at the butchery who gave us a full tour of their operation. The stand out factor was pride in their work and respect for the meat; the things these guys can tell you about how an animal was raised from looking at their carcass is incredible.