Because it’s Cool: 

“Some of the best beef in the world is produce on these two islands,” says Peter Hannan, founder of Hannan Meats.

Their award-winning produce, reared in Northern Ireland and Ireland and dry-aged in Himalayan salt chambers, is used by some of the UK’s top chefs and is sold through Fortnum and Mason – as well as by Peter Hannan himself on a Saturday morning. Their beef burgers are exclusively served in Mark Hix restaurants.

Time is the secret to their success. Peter doesn’t farm the animals himself but works closely with a network of around 120 farmers who rear their animals to his exacting standards.

He says: “It’s not about forcing something to be ready. It’s the opposite of intensive farming. You’re not in control of timing, nature is.”

Because it Matters: 

Producing top-quality meat is all about attention to detail.

When it comes to beed, Hannan’s farmers making sure their Shorthorn cattle are truly free-ranging, have minimal stress and have enough clover in their fields to get the variation and nutrients they need from their grass-fed diets.

The lamb comes from organic, grass-fed sheep.

The chicken is slow-grown and their pork comes from rare-breeds.

Hannan Meats say they pay their farmers a 10% premium compared to average market prices because they are demand more from them – and their meat deserves a premium price.