Because it’s Cool: 

These genuinely free-range chickens (and Christmas turkeys) are so revered by chefs up and down the country St Brides Poultry can’t keep up with demand.

Well they could, if they were to intensify the farming process by rearing their birds faster and indoors but they refuse to do this.

Instead they choose the slower growing breed, The Hubbard, and ensure that every single bird roams outside. This not only provides much higher animal welfare, but also makes sure they much more flavoursome and have a firmer texture. Studies have shown they are much healthier for you, too.

But the chickens aren’t just in demand from chefs, they are also popular at Lanarkshire Farmers Market. Fortunately, for those that don’t live near the family farm in Scotland’s Strathaven, St Brides Poultry offer UK mainland delivery, too.
Now that’s what we call straight from farm to plate.

Because it Matters: 

In the early days of BICBIM we spent a long time speaking with owner of St Brides Poultry, Robert Morris, about how to rear chickens. We spoke in detail about how much space they need and how much protein should be in their food and, our discussions continue to form a benchmark for a lot of the work we do.

All of the slow growing chickens spend most of their lives outside, and live for around three times longer than mass-produced chickens. They live longer than a lot of organic chickens, too. They are fed non-gm grain, forage for bugs, grubs and grass, and are treated to mash from nearby Strathaven Ales Brewery.

Owner Robert Morris says: “For me it’s all about preserving the traditions of small-scale farming. As everyone scales up, you lose the knowledge of how to work together the land. It’s quite difficult to work against nature, it has a habit of coming back to bite you in the backside.”

Main image: The Three Chimneys & St Brides Free Range Poultry