Because it’s Cool: 

Coombe Farm Organic have won lots of awards for the taste of their meat and they have great reviews online.

Their meat boxes are cleverly curated for people with different needs – there’s the fitness box, the wellness box, selections of meat for those who want unusual cuts of meat or those that are looking to create special dishes like Pho or stews.

They also make their own pies and sausage rolls perfect for quick and easy warm winter dishes.

There’s even organic pet food on offer.

Because it Matters: 

Coombe Farm Organic is a little different to most of the farms we feature at BICBIM, which are largely family-run.

The Somerset farm is part of a trust, most famous for their organic dairy, and their meat-box delivery service was set up in 2015.

This isn’t a bad thing, it just means everything is quite new compared to farms that have been passed down the generations and so we’re keen to see how the farm develops.

Coombe Farm Organic is Soil Association approved – one of the highest organic certification standards available in the UK – and when we visited the farm to see how the cows, sheep and pigs are reared in the summer of 2018 everything looked good to us. The cows and sheep are free-ranging on lush green pastures and the pigs live outdoors and are provided with shelter a field that has plenty of room for further growth.