Goat meat makes up 60 per cent of red meat worldwide, but the UK is one of the few places in the world where it’s not commonly eaten. That is slowly changing. Goat meat, kid, is in fashion…

Why they’re good: Boer goats are bred on Bere Marsh Farm because they are meatier goats. Owner Fiona Gérardin says, “they have bigger bums and are stockier and shorter than traditional dairy goats”.

All meat is butchered to order, so comes exactly as you want it. The goat meat shoulder joints melt like butter when slow-roasted, leg steaks are tender in casseroles and chops are particularly succulent after being cooked on a summer BBQ.

Why else: Bere Marsh Farm is currently the only organic goat meat supplier in the UK. Animal welfare is top priority, the newborns are milked and weaned naturally by their mothers, sleeping all together in a barn at night and let out to graze by about 9:30am every day – they refuse to get up before then.