Because it’s Cool: Members sign-up for a weekly or fortnightly fish box and don’t know what they are going to receive until they are sent a text on the day of delivery. The only thing you get to decide is whether you want to recipe a whole fish or for it to be oven ready. This keeps things exciting with an element of surprise but gives recipients enough time to look up recipes (available on Soleshare) for their catch of the day.

This London-based fish box scheme has been expanding its locations consumer base for the past couple of years. Due to the sustainable nature of how they work this can be a slow process, but they’ll hopefully be coming to a location near you soon (if they’re not there already!).

Because it Matters: The box scheme not only turns cooking into a mini-adventure, but also provides individual fisherman with a stable income.

“It makes a pretty big difference to their lives because we pay good prices for the fish. It means at the beginning of each month I have a clear idea of how much fish I’m going to be buying and so do the fisherman,” says founder Theresa Douthwright, an aquatic ecologist by training.

Consumer Supported Fisheries aim to encourage good relationships between local fishermen, consumers and the sea by bringing top quality, locally caught seafood direct to their members. They encourage sustainable fishing practices, all seafood is caught using low-impact methods.

Of course, buying fish from the UK also has a smaller carbon footprint.

Did you know? The fish is caught in East Sussex, Kent and Cornwall. Prices start from £18 a box