Because it’s Cool: Sole of Discretion is a collective of small-scale fishers fishing out of Plymouth harbour that deliver a range of high-quality and delicious British fish straight to your door.

You can choose from a whole range of species that aren’t generally stocked in supermarkets including Ling, Pollack, Pouting and Ray. Plus, crab meat and hand-dived scallops.

Founder Caroline Bennett is also the owner of the UK’s first Japanese-style sushi-restaurant, Moshi Moshi, which is still found in a secret location at the back of Liverpool Street station – for those in the know.

Because it Matters: Bennett set up Sole of Discretion last year out of “exasperation” that truly sustainable options were not available to the consumer.

Line-caught fish, those captured in size-specific static nets, or by lobster and crab pots are generally the most sustainable. Everything that is caught can be used so waste is minimal.

These methods also intentionally minimise the risk of catching the fish that offer the best chance of reproducing, by avoiding the biggest and smallest of each species.

Bennett insists all her fish are caught this way and therefore sells everything her fishermen catch through Sole of Discretion, even if they’re deemed endangered and therefore red-listed by the Marine Stewardship Council and Marine Conservation Society.

“For us the method of catch and the area it’s caught in is far more important than the species being caught,” says Bennett. “We’re looking at the entire eco-system, while the MSC and MCS are stock-specific.”

It’s a difficult message to convey, so the ethical seafood campaigner is working with the marine biology department at Exeter University to create a universal Soil Association certification – but that’s a couple of years off yet.

Did you know? Orders over £50 are delivered anywhere on the UK mainland free of charge.