Because it’s Cool

The brand’s name Po-Zu stems from the Japanese phrase which means “to pause”. Their aim is to create shoes that will give your feet a well needed break from the hectic modern world.

To complete their mission of achieving ultimate comfort for every shoe, they have designed the Foot Mattress™. Creating a layer of coconut fibres that forms a soft and naturally flexible base, Po-Zu ensures that wearing these shoes has the same benefits for your feet that a good mattress has for your back.

With a range of boots, trainers and sandals, Po-Zu has designed comfortable footwear for all of your needs; leather teal boots for a winter statement and check out their extensive range of vegan trainers for an off-duty look. Po-Zu has created a range for men, women and children, offering style and supreme craftsmanship.

Because it Matters

In 2006, founder and CEO Sven Segal moved away from mainstream shoe designing to create sustainable shoes. Segal found ways to avoid harmful chemicals and practices in the manufacturing process, such as not using aggressive dyes and materials.

Instead of unsustainable materials, Po-Zu uses renewable fibres such as organic cotton, cork, coir (made from coconut fibres), natural latex and piñatex (a leather alternative made from pineapple leaves). By offering warmth and durability as well as comfort, Po-Zu look at progressive processes to create their shoes from low-impact natural materials.

Po-Zu pride themselves on creating guilt-free shoes, therefore they offer the Ethical Shoe Promise. As well as using sustainable materials, they are strict when it comes to sourcing their factories. Providing extensive criteria for their working conditions, Po-Zu ensures that every person within the supply chain has a high-quality work environment. It is also their policy to not use any toxic glue or solvent within their factories to reduce health risks.

Did you know?

In 2016, Po-Zu founder Sven Segal created Better Shoes Foundation. An open-source platform promoting information on the benefits of sustainable and ethical practices for other manufacturers.