Because it’s Cool

Bourgeois Boheme creates footwear for men and women, fit for any occasion. Patent loafers, burgundy boots and two-tone trainers – Bourgeois Boheme has your feet covered.

Bourgeois Boheme update classic styles like brogues and pumps with their signature asymmetric designs.

Teal monk shoes add a pop of colour to any outfit while the silver Piñatex™ sandals are perfect for those summer nights. Black boots come in cuban, Chelsea and laced up styles – for whether your out on the town or stuck in the office.

Because it Matters

In 2005, founder Alicia Lai wanted to create a modern, stylish and sustainable footwear brand that was completely vegan. Choosing to avoid leather and animal products means that Bourgeois Boheme champions progressive alternative materials.

Bourgeois Boheme have the Vegan Society Trademark and are PETA approved.

Instead of the environmentally damaging processes of treating and dyeing leather or producing PVC alternatives, Bourgeois Boheme uses Myrco© and Piñatex™. Mycro© is a groundbreaking microfibre that holds similar properties to leather and suede. The material holds the EU Ecolabel, a certification that ensures the lifespan of the product will be environmentally friendly – from production to transportation to the ability to be recycled after use. Piñatex™ is a material made from pineapple leaf fibre – a natural by-product of the pineapple harvest. It resembles a textured leather and is soft yet strong.

“From seeds to cork to recycled rubber, we continuously seek out for new material innovations to ensure we stay on top of the environmental game.” Alicia Lai, Founder

Each factory was specifically selected by Alicia for their ethical standards. During production of initial prototypes, Alicia personally visits the factories. By meeting teams of craftsmen and women, Alicia can ensure high standard production and working conditions.

All shoe boxes and paper packaging is recyclable.