Because it’s Cool

Lara Intimates is on a mission to make every woman feel confident by creating well-structured, functional bras for women of every size.

As well as feeling comfortable, Lara Intimates also realise the necessity of feeling sexy. Mesh panels tease by drawing the eye downwards…

The signature colours of sultry black oozes sophistication and hot pink creates a modern flirtacious attitude.

Lara Intimates also host private bra fittings in their Hackney studio where you can try on every style to find your perfect match, with alterations available to make it the very best fit.

Because it Matters

The co-founders behind Lara Intimates discovered that in order to work with established British manufacturers, they would have to tone down their vision of creating stunning underwear for a range of body shapes. So in 2017, the underwear brand instead decided to take things into their own hands and start their own mini-factory in Hackney.

By creating all pieces in house, the design team is able to control and oversee all manufacturing processes; from the construction to minimising waste. As a tiny team of five, all are working for a London living wage and have standard benefits such as healthcare and pension schemes.

The materials used come from factories that have overstocked or overproduced fabric. These fabrics come from all over the world and are supplied to Lara Intimates by a third party business. In effect, by collecting and using these deadstock materials the amount of usable material going to landfill is reduced. Also, it means that Lara Intimates bypasses manufacturing fabric which reduces their overall impact on the environment.

Although Lara Intimates does sometimes dye the fabrics to their specifications they ensure this is done in an environmentally friendly way. Similarly, the elastic and fabric labels are all dyed responsibly and produced within the U.K.