Because it’s Cool

Whether you need an blowout dress for an upcoming event or a smart look for a meeting, Wear The Walk has you covered. A monthly subscription to the clothing rental website will grant you access to a 1,500- piece wardrobe of luxury items.

Each subscription package gives you certain benefits. The Part Time Diva package allows you to rent two pieces for £60 a month. Whereas the second tier subscription, The Wardrobe Revolver, gives you the choice of up to five pieces for £90 per month. Finally, The Ultimate Swapper package (£120 per month) gives you access to unlimited items to rent for two months at a time. Or skip the subscription all together and rent single pieces for as little as £30 for a month’s wear.

Founder and CEO, Zoe Patridge says her goal is “to enable women to feel empowered by what they wear”.

Because it Matters

The choose, wear and swap model brings many benefits to the fashion market. Wear The Walk showcases up-and-coming designers but it also disrupts the fast fashion cycle.

Instead of buying new clothes each season, Wear The Walk has created a revolving wardrobe where customers have access to new clothes and can swap out easily for new looks.

According to Carry Somers, co-founder of Fashion Revolution: “The average British woman hoards £285 worth of clothing in their wardrobes that they will never wear”. Not only does this rental system cut down on trend-driven fast fashion purchases but it also reduces the amount of previously loved, outdated or impulsively bought clothing sent to landfill.

While not all the clothing is made from sustainable materials we are championing this as progressive shopping model. Ask and you shall be directed to the sustainable designers.

Did you know?

When exchanging your pieces or submitting  a new order Wear the Walk will send out your new rentals within 24 hours. Wear the Walk also offer a fast-tracking service if it’s urgent.