Because it’s Cool

We-Resonate source vintage scarves from around the world to create unique dresses and tops; each piece is a patchwork of silk scarves beautifully combined to create flowing silhouettes.

The idea of stitching contrasting prints collected globally draws on We-Resonate’s ethos – creating a collective of powerful women who are producing ethically conscious pieces.

Perfect for summer wear, these light weight pieces won’t fail to make a statement. Alternatively, wear a long sleeve polo neck jumper underneath to create a more casual look and transition into autumn.

As each piece is individually designed, every garment is completely unique is style and fit.

We-Resonate offer free deliveries and returns.

Because it Matters

Based in the UK, every garment is handmade by skilled seamstresses. Experience and a keen eye are essential to ensure perfect print placement. In return for high standards every worker is paid a high wage within a safe work environment.

The benefits of repurposing vintage scarves means that We-Resonate bypass the fabric making, dying processes and bulk transportation which can be very harmful to the environment.

We-Resonate are efficient when it comes to waste materials, they champion reclaimed vintage fabrics and focus on individually made pieces as part of the slow fashion movement.

In addition, 5% of all sales are donated to a new charity selected each month. Previous charities include Fashion Revolution, the Circle NGO, Chance for Nepal and Labour behind the Label.

Did you know?

Founder Lizzie Clark has 10 years of experience as a senior print designer and consultant, five years of which where spent at McQ, Alexander McQueen’s design house as the head of the print team.