Because it’s Cool

STUDY 34 is focussed on simple knitwear that champions luxury alpaca wool. Each piece takes up to nine months to go from alpaca to jumper, so STUDY 34 has created a capsule collection.

Casual round neck jumpers for a smart-casual look come in both camel and grey. High roll neck jumpers are available in either deep navy or chic black. V-neck styles are also on offer for a high-fashion preppy look.

Because it Matters

The story began when founder, Eleanor O’Neill was unsatisfied with the lack of information about raw fibres and where they come from. As a result, O’Neill looked into sourcing sustainable alpaca fibres to create her own line, STUDY 34.

Working closely with the parent company GRUPO INCA, O’Neill begins the process by selecting the fibres collected by INCA TOPS. STUDY 34 sources GOTS certified organic cotton and responsibly sourced baby alpaca and royal alpaca, all from Peru. Additionally, INCA TOPS works with initiatives such as Pacomarca, a sustainable alpaca network that ensures farmers treat the alpacas with care during herding and shearing. Another organisation is Patrulla Ecológica, a nonprofit collective dedicated to protecting the local environment around the farms.

After a new design is created, O’Neill will then work with INCALPACA to knit the yarn into the final pieces. As O’Neill points out, there are over 2,000 employees at the parent company. O’Neill is unable to guarantee fair wages, safe working environments and reasonable hours. Since 2016 when STUDY 34 began, O’Neill has visited the factories twice – although she is hoping to increase this number as her business grows.

Did you know?

Alpaca is considered a sustainable material. As a result of the range of colours in alpaca fleece, designers often choose to use the natural colour – avoiding the dying process. Additionally, the alpacas themselves graze without pulling the vegetation out of the ground and have soft pads instead of hooves so the fields aren’t trampled.