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At P.i.C, they work with the motto, “buy less, buy better”. With this in mind, the founders have created an eight-piece capsule collection that can be mixed and matched to create over 50 looks. Tailored silhouettes and clean lines ensure a timeless style. They also work well with the ranges of other ethical clothing brands available to buy on their site.

Why it’s cool: Each piece is sleek and refined, making it perfect city work wear. In fact, every item is named after a London location, such as Dalston and Camden, Bethnal Green and Hoxton.

P.i.C. designs also nicely lend themselves to dressing down. Wide legs and loose silhouettes create an air of understated coolness. That cultivated London fashion look starts with a strong pair of trousers…

Why it matters: Designed and manufactured in London, P.i.C uses fabrics that are sustainable, locally sourced and organic. A mantra of quality over quantity is upheld in every aspect of the design and manufacturing process, which is why they say they’ll never mass produce.

While the fast fashion industry is producing 11 million tons of textile waste a year, P.i.C is creating pieces to invest in.