Because it’s Cool

Outland Denim is all about classic jeans made to last. With staple styles such as skinny, straight leg and the forever comfortable high-waisted jeans – Outland Denim has a design for every mood.

Keep in loose and casual with the girlfriend jeans in blue or get edgy with the skinny ripped jeans.

They create jeans that will last longer than fashions, so their jeans come in key colours such as black, indigo and blue.

They also make clothes for men in standard styles like skinny, slim and tapered.

As well as denim, they have a small range of organic cotton t-shirts and long sleeve tops. Outland Denim has created the perfect off-duty uniform.

Because it Matters

Outland Denim began when founder James Bartle met with an anti-trafficking group and was inspired to help those most vulnerable. James discovered that after a young girl has been protected and saved from being forced into the sex industry, she needs viable skills to create a livelihood for herself. And this is where Outland Denim comes in.

Today, Outland Denim has a safe and clean training and production facility in Cambodia where the women can learn craft skills and make a living. By working in a community, the seamstresses can feel supported through their training and/or rehabilitation. The women work for fair wages and develop personal skills as well as business skills. The key mission for Outland Denim is to help women fight poverty, a key contributor to trafficking vulnerability.

As well as strong ethics within the work place, they also only source premium materials. They use 100% organic cotton within their collection from the denim to the pocket linings.

Finally, they also use recyclable packaging for their products.

Did you know?

Outland Denim is a royal favourite. In October 2018, Meghan Markle wore the Harriet skinny jeans in black on tour in Fiji and Australia.