Because it’s Cool

Starting off only designing for men, in August 2018 Nudie Jeans released a capsule collection aimed at women.

Sticking to the denim staples of skinny, straight and loose fit jeans, Nudie is working on perfect the most flattering fit.

In line with their contemporary casual style, they have also created a blue camou bomber jacket in denim, plain white tees and even sporty tube socks.

Using only Fairtrade organic cotton in their products, Nudie Jeans has designed a soft, durable and sustainable collection.

Because it Matters

Production of Nudie Jeans rests on ethical and sustainable practices. Therefore, they have put together a guide of each factory and farm used within the supply chain.

Each garment is broken down into each stage of the manufacturing process. For example, the standard pair of Nudie jeans is made across two factories; Denim Authority in Tunisia and Idea Mode in Italy. Nudie Jeans visit to audit the safety measures and working conditions.

Often they will also request a third-party audit by Fair Wear Foundation which is a non-for-profit organisation that works with brands, unions and factories to improve the conditions of their workplaces.

Nudie Jeans are on a mission to make their production line completely ethical, therefore they publish their own and third-party audits online for the public.

They publish the positives, such as “100% interviewees reported being treated equally and having same access to benefits, training and overtime hours, when needed”. They also publish the negatives, such as “no evacuation drill training has been given to employees”t.

At BICBIM, we understand that high ethics and sustainability is a journey and we admire Nudie Jeans for their honesty and their continuous attempts to improve the lives of factory workers.

Did you know?

Nudie Jeans has two repair studios in London to make your Nudie pairs last longer.