Because it’s Cool

MUD Jeans know what goes into a good pair of jeans; refinement, quality and of course style. That’s why MUD Jeans has focused on perfecting the key styles that seem to never go out of fashion.

From the cool, low-slung boyfriend jeans to the sleek and sexy skinny fit. High-waisted straight leg jeans that feel like the comfiest jeans you can always rely on. Most styles come in a range of black, indigo, stone wash or blue.

They also sell mens jeans, a crisp unisex indigo denim jacket and unisex recycled cotton sweatshirts.

Because it Matters

MUD Jeans understands the thrill of having new clothes to wear, so rather than denying this guilty pleasure they are working within the circular consumer cycle. As opposed to the buy, wear and discard structure most of us are used to, MUD is asking for your old jeans back. Each pair of jeans they create has between 23%-40% of recycled denim which is combined with virgin organic cotton then restyled into a brand ‘new’ pair of jeans.

To assist in this structure, MUD Jeans are giving customers the option to rent pairs of jeans – as well as pay for them out-right. A monthly subscription fee of €7.50 (£6.40) lets you order and wear any pair of jeans for 12 months. After, you can trade in these jeans for the same pair or switch it up and try a new style.

As it takes roughly 7,000 litres of water to create one single pair of jeans, MUD is trying to reduce the need for virgin cotton. In effect, by using this system of returning outdated or damaged jeans to be fashioned into new pairs, not only does this cut down on the amount of water that goes into the manufacturing process but it also saves the amount of perfectly useable materials going to landfill.

Did you know?

MUD Jeans are so keen to reduce the amount of denim sent to landfill they are offering one months free subscription or €10 (£8.83) off of a pair of their jeans if your send in your unloved pair. However, they will only accept them if they’re at least 96% cotton.