Because it’s Cool

From cool casual basics to elegant silky jumpsuits, Know The Origin has gathered a range of contemporary clothes to showcase the best ethical brands have to offer.

From their own range of jersey dresses, simple t-shirts, leggings and hoodies they also present pieces from the likes of Birdsong, ADVA and Jungle Folk.

Know The Origin select brands that create a laid back youthful attitude. Bamboo silk jumpsuits hold a sophisticated refinement perfect for classy occasions. Or go low key with jersey Modal tube dresses for a nonchalant look.

Offering a range for men and women, Know The Origin acts as an online department store for all your clothing needs from socks and underwear to dresses and hair accessories.

Because it Matters

Know The Origin’s name was inspired by the idea of transparency in the supply chain. Fashion items are often made is several factories. Each factory used for each garment is highlighted on a map. This allows the customer to see what ethical standards each factory and farm holds.

Brilliantly, you can select the ethics you prioritise and Know The Origin will bring up the clothes that fit your specification. For example, you can select Fairtrade, Vegan or even Positive Marketing – which shows brands that use a range of models within their campaigns.

Many brands on the site use natural fibres such as organic cotton, hemp or sustainable Tencel. Other brands use recycled materials within their products such as recycled plastics from single use plastic bottles.

Know The Origin allow you to make a genuinely informed decision before you purchase any clothes.

Did you know?

Know The Origin also has their own magazine, Ethos. In this publication you can read up on business models that are leading the way in ethical manufacturing, what apps will help you switch off from the hectic world and what high street brands are doing to make themselves more sustainable.