Because it’s Cool

Everlane opt for skilled tailoring to create classic pieces that will withstand the test of time rather than trend-driven seasonal pieces.

Offering grade-A cashmere jumpers, 100% Italian leather loafers and every style of denim you could possibly want, Everlane have designed a full wardrobe of effortlessly cool staples in practically every shade.

The v-neck wrap dresses and reliable shirts act as a canvas for you to inject your own personal taste upon. Slouched tailored blazers for a kick-backed vibe and low heeled sling-back shoes for a modern edge – Everlane is making the work-life balance look easy.

Because it Matters

Everlane are all about being completely honest. They show you the “traditional price” alongside their retail price. Plus, each item is broken down into how much each part costs – materials, hard-wear, labour, transport and duty so you know exactly what you’re paying for and how much profit they are making from each item you purchase.

Everlane also uses this approach with their supply chain. They list each factory with details of what is produced there, what materials are used and the process of creating the garments. They even include a small descriptions of how they came across factories and a small insight to the factory owners. To ensure a high working standard within all factories, Everlane often visit the factories with audits checking fair wages, reasonable working hours and safe working conditions.

Apart from the crystal clear business model, Everlane also boasts to having the world’s cleanest denim factory – Saitex in Vietnam. Unlike, traditional denim factories Saitex recycles 98% of their water, is powered by alternative energy sources and reuses all by-products within the manufacturing process. By using solar energy Saitex has cut it’s CO2 emissions by an impressive 80%.

Did you know?

Around 1,500 litres of water is used to create traditional denim. Everlane uses 0.4 litres of recycled water.