Because it’s Cool

Deakin and Blue is on a mission to get more women back into swimming with their body-positive collection of functional yet stylish swimsuits and bikinis.

Deakin and Blue focus on the cut and fit of their swimsuits with their small capsule collection. Sculpted busts are designed to support any cup size and high waisted briefs are to make you feel confident laying pool-side.

Whether you’re feeling bold with the floral print or sexy with mesh panels, Deakin and Blue are here to make you feel like a goddess in the lanes.

Because it Matters

Based in London, Deakin and Blue pride themselves on working with local manufacturers. This means that Deakin and Blue are able to regularly visit the production studios to check working conditions, working hours and fair pay. During production periods they visit the manufacturers one to two times a week. Another benefit of manufacturing in the UK is that transportation of goods are minimal and CO2 emissions are reduced.

Additionally, the production studio is powered by solar energy, is savvy when it comes to minimising fabric waste and ensure to dispose of chemical waste in a environmentally-sound way.

Deakin and Blue’s fabrics of choice are recycled and regenerated waste materials such as fishing nets. By choosing to use 100% recycled materials, Deakin and Blue not only cut out the need to produce new materials that can be harmful to the planet but also to reuse materials that otherwise would go to landfill.

This not only makes environmental sense, Deakin and Blue also maintain their swimsuits are ‘two times more resistant to chlorine, sun cream and oil than standard lycra’.

Did you know?

Deakin and Blue work with Breast Cancer Awareness and Education Charity, Coppafeel! to remind women to be aware of the symptoms of breast cancer. Each bra also has a #BraHijack label to encourage women to check their breasts regularly.