Because it’s Cool

Birdsong collections range from a line of tailored pieces to cute slogan tees. Kimono-style wrap dresses create dramatic silhouettes, while slouched jackets hold a relaxed, contemporary air.

Chunky knitwear comes in muted autumnal shades such as mustard, fawn and plum – perfect for cozy winter walks.

Soft, organic t-shirts that hold vibrant fruit suggestively in place are ideal if you’re heading to brunch with the girls.

Because it Matters

Birdsong’s mantra is one we couldn’t be more on board with: ‘No Sweatshops, No Photoshop’.

Addressing the issue that many women in poorer countries are the ones paying the price for cheap high street clothes, they refuse to use factories that pay below minimum wage and employ the skilled hands of women’s groups and charities instead.

As a result, Birdsong’s founders know every woman in their supply chain. Birdsong’s jumpers are hand knitted by Knit & Knatter, an elderly women’s group in Bradbury. Knit & Knatter offer a social community where women can socialise while working with a purpose. The revenue from their sales have gone into renovating their community centre and therapy room with remaining profits going towards luxuries for the women.

Birdsong’s 100% organic cotton sweatshirts and tees are hand-painted by the women’s charity Mohila Creations. Based in London, Mohila is a group of low-income migrant women who work for a London living wage. This opportunity gives the women a creative social environment to work in while their children are at school.

Finally, Birdsong works with Heba which is a sewing workshop in Brick Lane. Heba have employed migrant and refugee women for the last 25 years offering a living wage within a safe working environment. Most of Birdsongs garments are hand cut, sewed and finished by Heba.

Did you know?

Not only do Birdsong empower women through skilled work but they also refuse to touch up any of their images. They’re pretty badass.