Because it’s Cool

Asmuss is creating a grown-up uniform based on functional modern design. The colour palette is refined so pieces can be swapped out to create multiple looks.

T-shirts and tops are created with a soft drape to create a feminine laid back attitude. Pleats and gathers are expertly positioned to create dynamic silhouettes; while t-shirt dresses with folds at the waist and jackets with tucks at the centre.

They have stuck to black, white and pale blue within their collection, making all the pieces able to slip into your existing wardrobe seamlessly.

Because it Matters

Launched in September 2018, Asmuss is focussed on transparency and sustainable fabrics.

The co-founders work with Fashion Enter, a not-for-profit factory, where they use the studio space as a hub for production. This organisation is used by brands to create small batches of garments, while offering apprenticeships and training programmes to people who want to learn craft skills.

Approximately 86% of materials used in the Asmuss collection comes from sustainable sources. They blend Tencel and recycled polyester together to make an insulating, durable material with the drape and breathability of cotton. Tencel is a sustainable fibre derived from wood pulp, it takes less chemicals and water to grow compared to cotton but is just as biodegradable. The recycled polyester is sourced from a certified recycling factory that regenerates single use plastics such as plastic bottles into fabric.

When they source wool for their collections, they ensure they only use non-mulesing wool. The wool is sourced from a Portuguese mill which is OEKO-TEX certified, which means they adhere to high ethical standards. Mulesing is a common practice in wool farming where the lamb’s tails are docked to make it quicker and easier for the shearer to get a full coat off the animal. However, in many situations lambs are not given pain relief during this process.

Finally, they source zips from YKK a Japanese brand that uses recycled plastic.