Because it’s Cool

RiLEY designs contemporary “athleisure” that isn’t confined by gender boundaries. The collection focusses on understated sportswear pieces such as hoodies, joggers and over-sized sweatshirts.

With a colour palette of red, black and grey, RiLEY is creating a collection that transcends gender and seasonal trends. RiLEY has achieved their non-conformist identity through their range of t-shirts and jersey bombers that anyone could pull off.

As an added sprinkle of their do good, look good and feel good mantra, simple phrases like Feel Good, Human Kind and Make Good are subtly embroidered around collars and cuffs.

Because it Matters

RiLEY are focussing their efforts on gender equality, climate change and global human rights.

By choosing to create a unisex collection RiLEY are fighting gender inequality in style. They say: “we are gender-neutral because we believe in equality and we believe anyone can wear anything they like”.

In order to achieve their ethical goals, all three factories used in the manufacturing process are SMETA audited. This means the U.K and Portugal factories employ safe working environments and respect all workers. Also, RiLEY ensures that all 49 workers within the supply chain are paid a living wage. So far, they have visited each factory once and plan to repeat their personal audit every two years.

In addition to their social responsibilities, RiLEY also use 100% sustainable materials in their collection. Such materials include recycled and organic cotton; Lyocell, a natural fibre that requires much less water than cotton to produce, and Q-NOVA which is a synthetic fibre made from recycled plastics.

RiLEY believe in producing small runs of each design to avoid excess garments going unwanted. They do not subscribe to the mainstream fashion cycle of creating new collections each season. Instead, they focus on key pieces that could last a life time.

Finally, all packaging is recycled and recyclable.

Did you know?

RiLEY has pledged £10,000 to non-profit organisation, Humans Right Watch. This is part of their ethos of working toward a global standard of human rights and ending poverty.