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It’s not just what’s on the outside that counts – and Woron has your essential underwear needs covered.

Why it’s cool: At Woron they know the secret to making you feel confident throughout the day starts with cool and comfortable vegan underwear. They offer bras and knickers in timeless styles, injecting femininity into your wardrobe.

Made from modal – a vegan material that’s a much softer alternative to silk or cotton – the underwear feels as natural as a second skin.

Bodysuits and leggings are also available, meaning even your loungewear is luxurious and elegantly simple.

Why it matters: Sisters Arina and Anya Woron have considered each step of the design and manufacturing process to ensure quality and consistency. Working closely with a family run factory in Hungary, they have set out clear codes of conduct of fair wages and reasonable hours.

They strive for a mostly female work team as a positive ‘Girl Power!’ salute and offer additional benefits for working mothers.

Using modal instead of cotton has a range of benefits – it’s more durable, less likely to grey after wash, uses less water in the fibre manufacturing process and is super soft.