H G Walter

Because it’s Cool:

H G Walter are the butcher of choice for a significant number of Michelin-starred restaurants, food writers and food critics.

But don’t let that intimidate you, their hiring policy seems to favour personality as much as passion for good meat. Walk in to their Hammersmith store and you are as likely to come out with an unusual cut of meat and knowledge of how to cook it as you are a prime bit of beef.

Just don’t forget the handmade scotch eggs and marinades on your way out…

Because it Matters: 

HG Walter were established nearly 50 years ago and the family-run business prides itself on doing things ‘properly’.

This means only working with farmers who farm the old-fashioned way and allow their animals to free range.

HG Walter buy and butcher whole carcasses so none of the meat is wasted.