Because it’s Cool: 

Dingley Dell don’t sell directly to the consumer, but you will find their products in select butchers and regularly see their name proudly stamped on menus of top restaurants across the UK – and the world.

The family farm on the east coast of Suffolk is run by two brothers who are committed to creating the best-tasting pork.

They are pioneering a system of breeding Red Durocs by monitoring their marbling. Brothers Mark and Paul Hayward believe it’s the key to creating great tasting pork – in a similar way to how marbling is the key to great steak.

They are working with one of the UK’s top meat scientists, Caroline Kealey, and scan their pigs to assess the level of intramuscular fat (marbling). They breed their Red Durocs in way that constantly increases the marbling and run taste trials to assess flavour and tenderness.

Because it Matters: 

The quest to create ultimate pork means the pigs at Dingley Dell have a high animal welfare and are genuinely free-ranging.

They are kept in family groups and the breeding pigs are regularly moved onto freshly grassed paddocks, which maintains the soil structure and avoids erosion. All the muck from their animals goes back onto the land.

Dingley Dell is committed to bio-diversity and have set aside around 20 football fields of their farm for nectar mixes to encourage bees in the summer.

They also plant about 16 football pitches with wild bird mix to provide cover and food for small mammals and birds throughout the year.

All their fields have a 6-metre wildlife corridor around them, which allow mammals to move across the fields.

They monitor the number and species of wildlife across all areas of the farm, so they can continually assess their impact.