Daylesford meat

Daylesford: Because it’s Cool

Where to start? Daylesford is a leader in the organic farm movement in the UK. They own beautiful, organic farms where the animals are genuinely free-ranging and very well looked after.

The animals forage on a natural diet of a mix of grasses and farm-grown grains. They also tend to live significantly longer lives at Daylesford and than on other farms. This is one of the reasons their meat is award-winning.

The brand is synonymous with quality. You can order directly from their online shop or from Ocado.

Daylesford: Because it Matters

Daylesford is one of the most sustainable farms in the UK. Their farms are overseen by the brilliant Richard Smith, who prioritises animal welfare and good environmental practices.

Daylesford’s commitment to animal welfare goes beyond the requirements set by organic standards and, determined to own their whole farming story, they own on-site abattoirs.

Of course, only an abattoir with impeccably high standards would open its doors to allow us to watch the process first-hand.

Most of us have seen how bad large slaughterhouse operations on Panorama-style TV investigations, and we wanted to see if slaughter could ever be considered humane.

You can read the full article about this experience here. It is hard to witness. However, it was done quickly and respectfully. I left satisfied that there is a humane slaughtering process that the industry can follow, if it chooses to.

How you slaughter animal is as important as how you rear them. Slower-growing animals have time to develop a deeper flavour, while meat from stressed animals has a more metallic, bitter taste due to the adrenalin that has pumped through them.