Barfields Butchers: Because it’s cool

Barfields Butchers use top-quality free-range and organic meat. They work with small producers who share their passion for quality meat and who place animal welfare at the heart of what they do.

These guys work with the whole carcass so can offer you any cut you desire.

The beef is at least 28-day aged and their award-winning sausages are handmade at the shop.

Barfields Butchers: Because it matters

Barfield Butchers chickens are low density and truly free-ranging. The ducks are also free-range, are raised in small groups and have access to ponds so they can exhibit their natural behaviour.

A lot of Barfields’ beef comes from Saddlescombe farm who have a lot of respect for the animals and the land. The cows are slow grown and grass fed. 

As are the lambs, which also come from Saddlescombe or Saltmarsh lamb from Pevensey Marsh, a large area of grazing marsh with many ditches and pools.

The amazing pork comes from pigs who roam woodland and forage for lots of their food and so eat a varied diet.

Their shop can be found at 11 Kings Parade, Ditchling Road, Brighton, East Sussex, BN1 6JT. They also offer free delivery in Brighton and Hove.

Did you know?

Barfields Butchers offer a ‘meat for a week’ pack. This pack offers a selection of naturally reared meat for £40 (normally retail price would be £45).

It includes the following items: 1 x Free range Creedy Carver chicken, 2 x 170g Rump steak, 2 x 500g Beef mince, 2 x  Chicken breast fillets, 6 x Pork sausages, 250g Smoked back bacon.