Because it’s Cool:

Lush are notorious for their bath bombs.

Walking past their brightly lit stores filled with beauty products of vibrant colours and strong scents, Lush make bathing and showering fun.

They also offer an extensive make-up range that aims to cater to all skin colours and types.

Because it Matters:

Lush’s bright design is so far removed from the typically clean branding of ‘natural’ products they are easily overlooked in this sphere. The beauty brand focuses on the quality of their products and even their ‘what we stand for’ section on the website is hidden under ‘Our policies’.

All their beauty items are made with natural ingredients such as plants, clays, butters and essential oils. They limit the use of synthetics and use some of the mildest preservatives they can find when necessary – 65% of products are self-preserving.

Lush are well-known for their campaigns against animal testing but their commitment to ethical business extends much further than that. Lush stopped using mika when it was revealed it was linked to child labour and they have removed 250 tonnes of Palm Oil from their products, so far. They commit to paying everyone fairly in the supply chain, from the farmers to the people who whip up their beauty concoctions in their factories.

Lush also stand up for what they believe in and use their name and profits to support a huge amount of campaigns and charities.

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