Because it’s Cool

SeeMe design fair trade certified statement jewellery with a modern and youthful appeal. The range includes rings, bracelets, bangles and necklaces all starring hearts in either silver or gold plate.

Chunky chainmail necklaces and bracelets with oversized hearts bring a child-like fun to the contemporary jewellery. In contrast, delicately thin rings and earrings create a soft gracefulness.

The heart designs led to creating the #HeartMovement, which focusses on spreading the message of love with the end of violence. The campaign has garnered support from global icons such as Australian Actress Nicole Kidman and international model Alessandra Ambrosio.

In addition to their contemporary collections, SeeMe are focused on making fair trade products for a modern luxury market. They have collaborated with the likes of Missoni, Karl Lagerfeld and Tommy Hilfiger to create ethically-produced pieces.

Because it Matters

SeeMe was conceived in Tunis in 2013 when founder, Caterina Occhio, was reporting on how women are affected by the wars in The Middle East and North Africa. Occhio saw how hard life was for a single mother in the region, battling social preconceptions and the lack of dignified, well-paid work.

Their motto is: “No charity, just work.” By learning traditional Tunisian jewellery techniques, women who have suffered from violence are empowered to work for a fair price. Women, who are often single mothers, are given the opportunity to not only work as employable craftswomen but are also working towards creating a secure future for their families.

SeeMe is a Fairtrade certified brand, this ensures a fair amount of hours worked by the women while being paid a fair price.

The silver used within the products comes from recycling and repurposing old silver into new designs. A representative from SeeMe’s producer Bijoux Moderne-Tunis explains:  “At the moment there is very little Fairtrade verified silver available in the world, and none in North Africa where we are based. To compensate and to have as small an impact on the planet as possible, we recycle old silver. Our recycled silver is sourced locally in Tunisia to stimulate the local market”.

Did you know?

In 2016, SeeMe launched the #OrangeYourHeart campaign where luxury fashion brands designed a tote bag each, with profits being donated to UN Trust Fund to End Violence against Women. In addition to this, the bags were handmade by Socially Made in Italy, a non-for-profit organisation providing work to women in jail.