Because it’s Cool

Ingle & Rhode are celebrated by the likes of Vogue for their luxury-with-a-conscience style and write columns in the likes of the Guardian criticising the exploitative metal and diamond mining industries.

They sell engagement, wedding and eternity rings and can work with you to create bespoke designs.

Their discrete and plush offices are set just off Oxford Street, en route to St Christopher’s Square.

Because it Matters

When choosing engagement and wedding rings a lot of thought and time goes into choosing the right colour and style of gold, and the size and clarity of the diamond. However, how the gold and diamonds are mined is not one something many of us consider. The brutal reality is that the stories behind these tokens of love and commitment are often ones of child labour, mercury poisoning and exploitation.

Ingle & Rhode only sell genuinely certified conflict-free diamonds.

They say: “Almost every jeweller will tell you that their diamonds are Kimberley-certified and that they are therefore conflict-free diamonds. Unfortunately, however, the Kimberley Process does not provide this guarantee.”

All of Ingle & Rhode commit to all gems being mined, cut and polished by adults working with fair pay and conditions, and produced with due care for the environment.

They can make this guarantee because they can trace all of their diamonds and gemstones back to their mine of origin.

They also offer both Fairtrade and recycled gold and precious metals.