Because it’s Cool

From beautifully crafted everyday items of jewellery that have a story to tell to bespoke engagement and wedding rings, Cred’s lovely team have no problem finding – or creating – the right piece for you.

Cred are pioneers in the ethical jewellery world. They were the first company to use Fairtrade silver and the first to bring Fairtrade gold from Africa to the UK. They have a long-standing relationship with Fairtrade gold mines in Peru.

Because it Matters

Director Alan Frampton has visited the Peru mines every six months for the past six years. He says: “We have to know who is producing our gold and under what conditions. When we tell this story to our customers, it becomes very personal.”

Cred are also at the forefront of the lab-grown diamonds movement. Almost all jewellers will tell you their diamonds are ethically sourced and certified by the Kimberly Process. Framption insists this isn’t worth the paper it is written on.

They source their diamonds from Canada where they have a well-established traceability scheme, such as the Canadian Mark Scheme. Diamonds which are over 0.3 carats are laser inscribed, but that’s not viable for the smaller ones.

So, Cred Jewellery now also offers lab grown diamonds which are created from a small diamond seed in a high pressure, high temperature conditions – a similar process to how they are naturally created. Leonardo DiCarprio is just one of the high-profile investors in this technology.

“Mining diamonds is an energy intensive and ecologically invasive procedure, affecting fragile ecosystems across the world,” says Frampton. “Lab grown diamonds are a victory for the environment, human rights and diamond supply chain transparency.”

They are currently sold for around two-thirds of the price of a conventional diamond, and Frampton believes they will hold their value – perhaps even bringing the value of a naturally produced diamond down in years to come.