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Because it’s Cool:

PALA’s collection of sunglasses are bright, bold and funky.

Because it Matters:

The whole ethos of PALA is “Let’s not talk sustainability, let’s do it”, which we couldn’t see more eye to eye with. Buying one pair of sunglasses means one pair of spectacles is given to a person who needs them in Africa. Globally, there are 640 million people who are unable to access eyewear, which enables access to education and improves job prospects.

The sunglasses are made from cellulose acetate, a non-petroleum based plastic that is made from natural cotton and wood fibres in a factory with strong ethical credentials in China. The cases are weaved from recycled plastic, by women in Bolgatanga where work is hard to come by. Everyone in the supply chain is paid at least a living wage.

This is the story of Jib Hagan, the founder of Care4Basket, who set up the company to weave the case from water sachets, which unfortunately are extensively littered throughout towns and villages. The sachets of clean, treated water are essential because 70% of all diseases in Ghana are caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation, with 6 million people unable to access to clean drinking water:

Wealth Not A Waste – Jib’s Story from Heist Films on Vimeo.