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Why it’s cool: ECOALF specialises in waterproof outerwear, backpacks and trainers with the motto “because there’s no planet b”.

Their clothes not only keep you warm and dry, the classic designs of their trainers and coats – including cool puffas and macs – will never go out of style.

Plus, when someone touches your sleeve asking where you got it and what it’s made from, you can turn with a glimmer in your eye and smugness in your voice and say: “This? Oh, it’s just rubbish”.

Why it matters: Shopping with ECOALF means you’re basically contributing to a global clean-up from your sofa.

ECOALF source their fabrics from the beaches of Thailand and from the bottom of the ocean. But, they’re not producing clothes from sand – rather the millions of bottles washed up around the world and the discarded fish nets that are harming the sea’s residents.

It’s a subtle statement from a brand that offers total transparency of the manufacturing process. But if you want something with a louder statement then you should also check out one of their slogan tees or wash bags.