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Why it’s cool: To the untrained eye, Beaumont Organic’s online shop could be mistaken for another shapeless clothing brand selling “luxury casual pieces” such as cotton dresses, vests and relaxed joggers.

However, the huge consideration they take in pattern cutting and styling is clear from how well these wardrobe staples hang on the body. The light and loose clothing is perfect for a summer in the city (when the heat finally manages to reach the city)…

Why it matters: Beaumont Organic consciously invest in organic materials. Their ‘weeds are manually controlled through hand hoeing without using destructive chemicals’ and a transparent supply chain ensures farmers a better deal. The pieces they create survive the washing machine and promise to last more than one season.

Bamboo is also offered as a silk alternative. It’s lower maintenance when it comes to after care, while retaining its softness and lustre.

Another cool feature of Beaumont Organic is they often purchase the end of the roll fabrics from manufacturers that would otherwise be discarded to landfill. From this they produce up to 20 pieces creating exclusive, limited-edition collections. Get them while it’s hot…